From Concept to Completion
Everett Engineers specializes in the many aspects of project development, from the conceptual phase through to final design, bidding, construction and commissioning. We bring extensive technical expertise, the most efficient industry practice methods and a track record of successful project solutions to all of our clients. We know from experience that the best foundation for success is a solid understanding of your particular needs – and this begins with listening to you. Our experience in planning, concept validation and construction allows us to recognize potential problems early, before they impact your project goals, and at a point in the process where we can recommend proven strategies to overcome them. By listening to and understanding the needs of all levels of your organization, EE has the ability to remain focused and responsive to your needs. eds.

Professionalism and Integrity
We are proud of our accomplishments; however, we understand that we will need to ask questions and learn how to tailor our services to best serve your business or project goals. Communication is an essential component to the success of your project as well as our continued business. The principles of EE will be involved in all aspects of our relationship to ensure that the right decisions are made quickly, that resources are applied intelligently and that communication occurs effectively.

A Team Approach
We strive to develop and maintain a professional business relationship with client companies, while never losing sight of the individual personal relationships that are the very foundation of the company. We look forward to earning your trust as a valuable member of your team and endeavor to become your provider of choice.

We want to ensure that you get what you expect from your project. Our winning team provides the services that you need so that your expectations are met.
We invite you to contact us for a complimentary review of your anticipated needs and provide some ideas about how to economically and effectively accomplish them.

Clients and project managers from our past projects can best tell you how they have been served by our members. For contact information, please let us direct you to a client with similar needs to your own.